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Cameo Technology Management Offers Innovative Solution To CEOs' Woes

RANDOLPH, NJ (Sept. 1, 2010) -- Does your technology get in the way of your doing business? Pose this question to many New Jersey small to mid-sized business owners and the answer will be a resounding "yes!" Helping to solve this frustrating and costly business problem in today's market is Cameo Technology Management (CTM), an innovative company that brings strategic CIO/CTO expertise typically utilized in Fortune 100 companies to smaller markets in an affordable manner.

CTM does this by allowing a company to enjoy the benefits of a CIO/CTO without the hiring costs associated with a full-time employee, or being locked into rigid project timetables. This means that overwhelmed CEOs can now spend their time focusing on the aspects of their business that they love to do best, while knowing that their short and long-term IT goals are being well met and full integrated with their business needs. CEOs can rest assured that their IT will work to enhance their company's profits and productivity -- not cost them dearly in unforeseen dollars and time wasted.

"The most likely users of CTM's services are small to medium-sized organizations, usually of 15 or more employees, with gross sales from 1 to 100 million dollars," Bob Elton, President of CTM recently stated. He went on to explain, "The value that such a partnership brings is leading edge. Not only will an organization benefit from owning a level of strategic management and industry knowledge vital to their growth and well being, but they will be able to afford it. Indeed, this partnership may well save them money as they avoid many costly IT mistakes and mismanagement."

One of CTM's clients, Richard Gutowski of Stonegate Brokerage, explained why he signed up for CTM's services. "While I appreciated and trusted my IT related vendors, they were asking me to make decisions that I didn't feel equipped to make and I was often trapped between vendors, service providers and software makers pointing fingers at each other for the cause of failures in our systems." He went on to say, "Bob armed me with decision making framework in laymen's terms that gave me confidences in knowing I was making the best possible decision."

Bob Elton, President of CTM, will be offering a series of seminars aptly titled, "Does Your Technology Get In the Way of Your Doing Business?" "Part 1 -- Improving Cash Flow" will be held Wednesday, September 22, 7:45 am to 9:am at the Madison Hotel, 124 Madison Avenue, Convent Station, NJ. Registration starts at 7:15 am. There is a $15 registration fee. RSVP by email to or call 862-432-2107 to reserve your place.

Bob Elton is a resident of Randolph, NJ. His company, Cameo Technology Management, is a member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

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