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LEMWD Copywriting Service Details

Web Copywriting and Editing Services

We can write copy as:

  • Content for your original web site that we are designing;
  • Content for your web site that is currently being designed by another company, or
  • Replacement copy for your existing web site.
Added Service #1 -- Copywriting Design

As web design experts, we will make sure that your copy looks great on your site. Our added service of Copywriting Design ensures that the design enhances the copy's readability. Ignoring this step leaves a less-scannable, less readable site for the impatient web visitor.

Copywriting Design is either:

  • incorporated by LEMWD into your new web design or your pre-existing site, or
  • we work with your current web designer. This way good copy won't "go bad" when put on the web page.

Design is critical for content. Content can be made more readable and powerful through the effective use of:

  • proper fonts, including bold and/or italic options;
  • color;
  • paragraphs;
  • sub-titles;
  • line breaks;
  • capitalization, etc.
Added Service #2 -- SEO Copy Enhancement

Some sites do not need SEO enhancement. These sites are private by nature and do not want to be found by people searching the web.

But the majority of sites do benefit by expanding their outreach through Search Engine Optimization.

We can enhance your SEO by working with selected keywords that either you supply or that we obtain for you through our research.

We will write your copy, mindful of these keywords to help maimize SEO results.

We will supply meta tag content for: (1) keywords (2) page title, and (3) page description for each page we write.

Why is content so important?

Great content will (1) Grab your reader's attention, (2) Give them the information they want, and (3) Get them to take action!

Bad, boring, confusing copy will ... BACKSPACE..oops..bye!

Don't lose your reader to another web site. Give them great content!

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