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Why wonder if your web site is performing its best for you?
Order a Web Site Analysis now and receive definitive answers to these pressing questions:

  • Is your overall site design adding to or subtracting from your message? (The answer is sometimes surprising!)
  • Is your web site professional it its appearance? (Exactly what is it that makes a site inspire confidence in its reader?)
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your site? And how can you respectively maximize and minimize each?
  • Does your home page clearly and QUICKLY represent what your company is about? Or are your potential customers and clients running... not just walking away?
  • Is your site fuctional and reader friendly? Is your navigation clean and easy to follow? Is your site helping you reach your online goal? Have you actually thought about what your web site's goal is?
  • Are your colors and font selections working for you or against you? Are you aware of the messages these selections may be giving out to your readers?
  • Does your site's copy adequately address your Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO) needs. Did your web writer take SEO needs into account? And while we're on the subject... was your site written by a web writer?
  • Are your images a great addition or an annoying distraction? What kind of images should be added?
  • Are your site's META tags (a must for good SEO) well developed? Does your site even have META tags?
  • Are your links effectively written? Are they clear or confusing for your site visitors?
  • Is your site's content well organized?
  • Are basic web site components there?
  • Is your copy written for the web? Or is a snoozefest?
  • and much, much more!
Your analysis arrives as an emailed written report. However, the cost of your web site analysis includes a follow-up phone consultation (if you wish) -- up to 30-minutes long.
So what are you waiting for? Order your Web Site Analysis now for only $270. It can be done in these two easy steps ...

1. Provide us with some information about your company and web site address by email at

2. Pay now securely through Paypal. (You do not need a Paypal account; only a major credit card.)

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