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Some Of Our Web Sites

1) This first site was fully developed by LEMWD. It is an example of an e-commerce site. The site links to Paypal for credit card payment processing. It also contains a Wordpress blog on which the owner can make posts and regulate incoming replies. The "owner" of this site is Blaze, a thoughtful Chinese Crested dog. Definitely a fun read! The site promotes some excellent animal welfare groups.     Look at our great Search Engine results!

2) This site was created for an artist who wants to display her catalog of artwork and to have a presence on the web. A Wordpress blog for posts and reader comments is included. It was fully designed, developed and implemented by LEMWD. This site was visually tailored to further enhance and compliment the artist's works and message.

3) For this site, LEMWD was responsible for complete site development, including concept, design, copywriting and technical development. The site was developed for Veterans' Business Networking Group. It includes a membership directory and several response forms.

4) For this New Jersey Lawyer's site, LEMD did copy rewrites for several site pages including the Home Page. Copy was revised to better engage the reader while emphasizing what makes this lawyer's services stand out from the crowd. The site was also thoroughly reviewed and recommendations were presented to improve the site's readability, navigation and relevancy. LEMD did not serve as webmaster.                 ...continued on Page 2, 3

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