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Some Of Our Web Sites (contd.)

5) This web site is one in which LEMWD was responsible for copy development and editing only. The site is for an innovative Information Technology consulting firm. The challenge here was to introduce and explain a totally new concept in IT business consulting.

6) This web site was developed by LEMWD as an easy, online RSVP response site for a business that hosts many seminars. Each time someone enters a response the business receives an automatic email notification.

7) On this updated site, LEMWD was responsible for copywriting and META tag development on the following three pages: (1)Home page; (2)About Us page and (3)Solutions page. The site repesents a construction company that specializes in pre-engineered steel structures. LEMWD was not involved with Copywriting Design.

8) The following site is an example of a more basic web site . It was entirely developed and implemented by LEMWD. The product is whimsical in nature -- a high-end handmade rabbit doll that is used for home decoration. The website features a small catalogue of products.        ...back to Page 1    ...continued on Page 3

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