When Considering Your Brand, Go For The Gold!

Yesterday I attended a Morris County Chamber of Commerce breakfast where Steve Adubato, Ph.D, author of the book “You Are The Brand,” was guest speaker. His topic was “branding.”

Branding is a concept that every business owner has heard of these days. But exactly what is branding? As Steve Adubato explained, it can best be described as “your public reputation. What people say about you behind your back.”

And, he was quick to point out that your brand will be outstanding as long as you follow the Golden Rule. Yes, I am talking about the Golden Rule, ” Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Become “obsessed” about helping other people, about customer service. Not only will people appreciate what you have done, and not only will they become to think of you as the source for solutions … but in purest terms, you will simply be doing the right thing.

As a business owner, some ways of paying it forward can include helping people who cannot afford your service. Or, perhaps, occasionally giving away inventory to people who cannot afford your product. Or, simply by being generous with your help and guidance, even when you see no obvious benefit to you for your extra time being paid to a particular problem.

Dr. Adubato gave many compelling examples of such generosity. Some were overlooked, while others were treasured. But all were worthwhile.

Now, often in web site development, I spend time explaining to my clients that their web sites must be about their readers. Readers are coming to your site looking for specific information and if they can’t find in they will leave. Quickly. Readers want to know: (1)What you can do for them; (2)Who you are, and (3)Why they will want to do business with you. It is all about them.

Today, Steve Adubato explained this concept, but proceeded to take it to a whole different level.

In short, the presentation concluded, make your brand “about them” and not “about you.” Always offer exceptional customer service. Pay it forward. Run your business by The Golden Rule. And your brand will surely be golden.

To learn more about Steve Adubato, you can visit his web site at: http://standdeliver.com

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