New Dog Themed Cards and Tee Shirts from

As many of you know, along with my regular web design business, Laura Elton Marketing & Web Design, I also create “websites by dogs for the people they love” via

As an outgrowth of, we now offer dog-themed tee shirts and other items for people who love pets. We also offer pet portraits. And, special for this time of year we offer dog-themed Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday cards. We have created a collection called “The Cool Dog Collection.” People buy these items because of the themes they represent and/or the dog breeds involved.

So far our collection, which is unique and created by our own talented in-house artist, includes:
1) Gamer Dog — Rottweiler holding video game controller;
2) Techno Dog — Labrador Retriever wearing music headphones
3) Celebrity Dog — Goldendoodle wearing sunglasses
4) Vacation Dog — Yorkshire Terrier wearing a lei
5) Ball Dog — Beagle carrying a tennis ball

You can view and buy our unisex tee shirts at:

You can view and buy our Christmas Cards and Happy Holiday cards at:
Additionally, our greeting cards come with free name personalization.

So please check out our new items. I would love to hear any and all of your comments.

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