Now Our Dog-Themed Tee Shirts Are Even Easier To Order

Hi everyone –

I would like to thank everyone for their great reception of our new line of dog-themed tee shirts, “The Cool Dog Collection” which is part of the items we offer on our website These tee shirts don’t just celebrate individual dog breeds; they also celebrate passions and activities such as: tennis, video games, techno music, vacationing and travel and examining the notion of celebrity status. So what is the connection to Laura Elton Marketing & Web Design? It’s easy? also offers websites by dogs for the people they love. We are happy to say there is a growing number of online dogs. And, the revelations they offer their owners and loved ones is often entertaining, funny and touching. Also, as you can learn at, it is very beneficial for your dog to have an online web presence.

We have updated parts of our web site, so it is even easier to see and order our tees. Here are some new links that might be of interest to you:
1. Goldendoodle Celebrity Dog Tee Shirt:
2. Labrador Retriever (Lab) Techno Dog Tee Shirt:
3. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Vacation Dog Tee Shirt:
4. Rottweiler Gamer Dog Tee Shirt:
5. Beagle Ball Dog Tee Shirt:

Of course, if you want to view the entire line of tee shirts, you can visit us at:

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