Why Posting on LinkedIn Will Help Grow Your Business

By now, most owners of business’s large and small know the importance of maintaining a presence in the social media. For business-to-business companies, LinkedIn is the number one “must” social media on the list. LinkedIn allows you to connect with most of your colleagues, and gain new business contacts. And, it is the first place a new business acquaintance will go to check you out after you exchange cards at a networking meeting or luncheon. LinkedIn is the number one source of referrals to your website. Compare LinkedIn’s 64% referrals, to Facebook’s 17% or Twitter’s 14%.

LinkedIn Is A Great Source of Free PR

When people look you up on your LinkedIn page, do you want them to see a brief resume of your accomplishments and contacts, or do you want them to determine that you are a true expert in your field? This can be effectively accomplished by periodically entering smart and insightful LinkedIn posts onto your profile. Well written and engaging posts providing industry insights will help establish you as the subject matter expert in you field; when company owners need your business service, you will be the logical and favored person they will contact. You will have proven yourself to be a known, trusted source through your LinkedIn postings.

The Golden Rule Of Posting

The golden rule of posting is: present information that is important to your reader. Become the source of information for your prospective clients. When it comes time to making a business decision, other company owners will know you through your postings. They will respect your knowledge, and know that you can best help their business with your service. A posting can contain a brief blurb about your business toward the end, but you never want a posting to exist solely to advertise your service. People will resent spending their busy time to ultimately read an advertisement. They want to learn something important. The one exception to this is when you are promoting a new product or service your company now offers. Readers are interested in what’s new.

How Often Should You Post?

There is some difference in opinion as to how often someone should post on LinkedIn. I have heard estimates anywhere between once a week to 20 times a month. I believe that for most, once a week is a good starting place for enhancing your LinkedIn presence. The number of weekly posts can always be adjusted upwards. You want to be sure that you don’t bombard readers with posts, or they may choose not to follow your updates. Once a follower is lost, it is very difficult to get them back.

How Long Should A Post Be?
LinkedIn posts on the average should be at least 350 words but generally not longer than 1,000 words. Most people reading LinkedIn are merely browsing, and will stay longer when reading something of interest. However, they are not looking to read an in-depth article, or spend a lot of time in one area online.

How Else Does Posting Help Your Business?

Posting will a help you gain new contacts and connections. People outside of your contacts will begin to read, comment on, and like your post. Your influence will grow, and your name will become better known to others.

LinkedIn posting is an important and growing way that business owners communicate with each other. A great LinkedIn post, full of important insights, is an important part of your marketing and networking efforts.

If Writing Isn’t Your Thing …

Laura Elton Marketing & Web Design provides web site and social media services for its clients. To contact us regarding how we can help your business grow, contact me at laura@lauraeltonwebdesign.com.

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