Got Purple Cow?

Have you heard about the Purple Cow? Do you know why your business needs one? And is it fully featured on your website? It better be, if you want to reach your full share of your product or services market!


Seth Godin, the well-known marketing specialist has defined the Purple Cow as that product or service which is truly remarkable. Every business needs to have its own Purple Cow, or it is doomed to remain just one of the crowd.

A Purple Cow can be a product or service. The product may be unique, or the service may be exceptional.

Nordstrom built its strong and loyal customer base by always offering its customers exceptional customer service. Have you ever noticed that when you purchase something at Nordstrom the salesperson will never hand you your wrapped purchase over the counter? Instead, he or she will come around the counter and hand you your shopping bag face to face. This small action not only shows extra respect for the customer, but it also reinforces the fact that Nordstrom values your business. Exceptional service in all aspects of customer interaction is what put Nordstrom on the map as a leading department store. Exceptional service is Nordstrom’s Purple Cow.

As a business owner, you need to discover your own business’s Purple Cow, and then market it to the people who will truly want it. Follow this simple formula, and demand for your unique service or product will grow rapidly, much of it through word-of-mouth. But first, be sure your business has something remarkable to offer.

Have you ever been on a job interview and the prospective employer asks, “Why should I hire you?” They don’t want you to respond with a long litany of your experience which is already well documented on your resume. They are in effect asking you, “What sets you apart and makes you such a great job candidate.”

The fact is, any time someone visits your website, they are asking themselves the same question: “What makes this company’s product (or service) so great that I should order now and give them my hard earned money?” If your website clearly presents your Purple Cow, they will have their reason right there. Your website visitor will not leave your site to go visit any others; they will stop and take notice, knowing they have found a Purple Cow!

Some businesses find their Purple Cow in a product or service that is truly unique. However, if your business does not offer a unique product or service, it can still have a Purple Cow. Strive to make one aspect of your business truly outstanding. And then let everyone know about it.

When you find your Purple Cow, be enthusiastic about it. Purple Cows are that rare thing that make potential customers sit up and take notice. If you are excited about what you offer, odds are your potential customers and clients will be too. Enthusiasm is infectious.

Here is a short, whimsical video that we have put together on the subject. Take a brief but fun ride through the French Countryside, as you discover the importance of the Purple Cow.

And be on the lookout for the unexpected!

Link To Video.
(The video is inspired by, but not endorsed by Seth Godin.)

If you need help discovering or promoting your Purple Cow, contact me at

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