6 Ways LinkedIn Long-form Posts Will Make You A Thought Leader

“…you don’t have to be anointed as an influencer to build online influence.”                     Stephanie Sammons, socialmedia examiner.com

When you share valuable insights and information via Linked long-form posts, good things begin to happen for you and your business. Here’s why:

  1. Long-form posts enhance your online credibility. When Long-Form posts are well done, they will build your online credibility and help develop your personal brand. When people read your words they are hearing directly from you. Prospects begin to feel they personally know you — and they begin to trust you. When they need your type of service, your name will be first on their list of trusted experts.
  2. Long-form posts are searchable. With LinkedIn long-form posts you have a great opportunity to reach a tremendous number of new potential clients. Long-form LinkedIn posts are searchable within LinkedIn and outside of LinkedIn.
  3. Long-form posts are automatically shared. Long-form posts are automatically shared with your LinkedIn connections. Prospects will begin to look forward to the insights and information that you share. They will find themselves quoting to others from the information they gain from your postings. You will become their source for information.
  4. Long-form posts look great on your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn posts will become an important part of your professional profile. They will be easy to find on your LinkedIn page, displayed up top in your “Posts” section. Readers will immediately see you as a thinker and communicator.
  5. Non-network Linked members can follow your long-form posts. People can follow your posts even if they are not part of your network. Followers will receive updates when you publish new posts. You will gain devoted followers who will help expand your potential client base.
  6. You may receive unexpected, additional LinkedIn distribution of your long-form post. Your post may be suggested to other LinkedIn members, as determined by a LinkedIn algorithm.

Today, Linked in long-posts are critical when you want to become the “go to” expert in your field. Don’t be a stealth expert … be a thought leader! Begin to build your online influence today with LinkedIn long-form posts.
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