Will Your New Prospect Think You’re A Thought Leader?

– Originally published Nov. 10, 2015 on LinkedIn

Does this sound familiar?
•You meet a prospective client at a networking event or other encounter.
•You exchange brief hellos and business cards.
•There is an interruption and you don’t have time to make a lasting impression.

Now what?

Have you ever thought about the actions a prospective client goes through once they get back to their office?

Chances are they will take out their newly-acquired business cards to add to their own contact lists. They most likely will also scan your LinkedIn page and website.

This is when your internet presence is vitally important. It will speak for you, and help someone decide if you are someone they will want to stay in touch with — or not.

In this situation, the content you offer on both your LinkedIn page and website is critical. It needs to speak for you in an articulate and interesting manner.

LinkedIn is great for positioning you as a thought leader in your industry; your website is excellent for providing easy-to-find and important information about your business and products. One does not supersede the need for the other.

LinkedIn and websites serve different functions in part because they are read differently. Posts on LinkedIn are made to be digested more slowly. Websites need to grab attention in less than seven seconds.

Our company has always emphasized the need for great content in websites. We continue to provide smart and effective websites for our clients.

But today we want to address an important benefit of LinkedIn — the Long-Form Post.

Wouldn’t it be great if your business prospect checked out your LinkedIn page and immediately found a series of your insightful business posts? (And we’re not talking about links to articles by other experts — but articles authored by you.)

LinkedIn now allows members to publish long posts which will position you as a thought leader in your business arena. Your postings are gathered in a “Post” section that sits at the top of your LinkedIn profile. When someone visits your page, a list of your postings are immediately and attractively displayed.

When published, these postings are also immediately shared with your connections and followers. Other non-network members can find and follow your posts as well. The post is searchable on and off of LinkedIn. It is available to both free and premium accounts

This is how Laura Elton Marketing & Web Design (LEMWD) will help you.

We now offer our two-pronged “LEMWD Thought Leader” program. It will help you become the go-to expert for your prospects.

1. LinkedIn Long-Form Post Writing and Publishing.

Every week we will write and publish on your LinkedIn page, a thoughtful, substantial post on a topic of your choice, 350-450 words in length. The post will provide information and insights relating to your business.

Some clients like to give us a topic and want us to run with it. Others have precise information or opinions that they want presented. Of course, final approval is yours, so nothing will ever appear in your posting that you don’t agree with or want published.

We will supply an attractive and appropriate image. These postings will reach all of your current LinkedIn contacts and attract new LinkedIn followers.

If your Twitter account is attached to your LinkedIn account, we will publish it on Twitter at the same time.

 2. Constant Contact Mailing.

We will email your same article to your personal list of contacts via your new Constant Contact eNewsletter.

We will set up your Constant Contact account (if you do not already have one) and develop a great looking email template that coordinates with your business logo and colors. (The contacts will be supplied by you and be used only for your own personal mailings.) Since these mailings are informative and not advertising, they are generally well received and even looked forward to, by your recipients. (Of course, your contacts will always have the option to opt out of all mailings.)

Who Will Be Helped By This Program?

This program is for the businessperson who wants to develop and expand their prospect outreach, but does not like to write posts, or simply is too busy to do so. The benefits of becoming a thought leader via a consistent outreach program are great and easy to achieve.

If you would like more information about our LEMWD Thought Leader program contact us today at laura@lauraeltonwebdesign.com or by phone at 862-432-2107.

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